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Selected Articles by Todd Gitlin

David Farber, ed., What They Think of Us: International Perceptions of the United States Since 9/11, Democratiya 10, Fall 2007

"First We Take Chase Manhattan" a review of Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine

"The Rise of Disaster Capitalism," The Globe and Mail (Toronto), September 8, 2007

"The New Liberal Agenda," Chronicle of Higher Education online, September 5, 2007

"Schwulst und Propaganda," Die Tageszeitung (Berlin), August 25, 2007

"Raider Without a Cause," Los Angeles Times, July 22, 2007

"The Patriot: Richard Rorty Was a Philosopher Who Hated Philosophy -- And a Lefty Who Loved His Country," Boston Globe," June 17, 2007

"The Media Served the Murderer's Purpose," San Jose Mercury News, April 22, 2007

"War Protests See Key Contrasts," Omaha World-Herald, February 4, 2007, p. 9B

"Paraphrasing the '60s," Los Angeles Times, January 27, 2007

"Big Tent. Big Plans?" Mother Jones, January-February 2007,

In the Land of Lost Men, No One Asks for Direction
( review of Charlie LeDuff, US Guys)
New York Times, February 1, 2007

Times Out of Joint
The American Prospect, December 2006

Democratic Dilemmas: The Party and the Movements
Dissent, Fall 2006

We Answer to the Name of Liberals (with Bruce Ackerman)
The American Prospect, November 2006

All the President's Pets
(review of Eric Boehlert, Lapdogs)
The American Prospect, July 2006

Representing America
Chronicle Review, Chronicle of Higher Education, June 23, 2006

The Self-Inflicted Wounds of the Academic Left
Chronicle Review, Chronicle of Higher Education, May 5, 2006

The urge to purge
Los Angeles Times Sunday Current, April 9, 2006

All the President’s Friends
The American Prospect, January 2006

Neil Bush: No Billy Carter, December 5, 2005

Welcome the Prosecutor!, November 27, 2005

How Bad are the Media in Iraq?, November 25, 2005

The Authority of Anti-Authority, November 16, 2005

Deliverance for Democrats?, November 2, 2005

The War Movement and the Antiwar Movement, October 18, 2005

Thomas Schelling and Refusing to Play, October 12, 2005

Notes on the Capital of the 21st Century, October 4, 2005

Who Gives a Flying Flag?
The American Prospect, September 2005

Bush at Bay
The Observer (London), September 4, 2005

Anti-War America, August 30, 2005

Fundamentals and Interests: An Open Letter to Thomas Frank, July 26, 2005

MIA: News of Prison Toll
The Nation, July 4, 2005

Where Have All the Anti-warriors Gone?,
May 2, 2005

Permission to Speak Freely
Mother Jones,
March-April 2005

Hello, Henhouse? Fox Calling
American Prospect, April 2005

A Gathering Swarm
Mother Jones, January-February 2005

Swifter than Truth
The American Prospect, November 2004,

The Great Media Breakdown
Mother Jones, November-December 2004

The American Prospect online, October 15, 2004

A Skull In Varanasi, A Head in Baghdad
The American Scholar, September 2004

Ghost War, August 24, 2004

No Bush, No Chicago '68
The Nation, August 30-September 6, 2004
(with John Passacantando)

It Was a Very Bad Year
The American Prospect, July 2004

Culture War, Round 3077
The American Prospect,
January 2004

Brooks No Argument
The American Prospect, October 2003

How to be radical: An interview with Todd Gitlin and George Monbiot, September 5, 2003

Signs of a Pulse
American Prospect, September 2003

Embed or In Bed?
The American Prospect, June 2003

The Party
Lincoln Center Theater Review, Spring 2003

The Pro-War Post
The American Prospect, April 2003

From Put-Down to Catch-Up: The News and the Antiwar Movement
The American Prospect, March 2003

We Disport. We Decide
The American Prospect, February 2003

America's Age of Empire: The Bush Doctrine
Mother Jones, January-February 2003

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